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endless_rain's Journal

camui gackt prose/fanfics/poetry!
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Hello! Do you like Camui Gackt? Do you like to write poems, fanfiction, prose, ect? If you answered 'yes' to both questions, then come join us! Share your love of Gackt through words, stories, and poems.

As always, there are a few rules.

ONE If you have a long piece of fiction you'd like to share, please, please, PLEASE use the LJ cut tag. If you do not know how, feel free to ask me!

TWO Constructive critism is good, but give reasons why you don't like a particular piece. Don't just say" OMG DIZ STORIE SUX ". Be polite about it.

THREE Please, try to stay on topic. It's okay to stray off subject once in awhile, but please try to keep things focused on Gackt fan works.

FOUR This community is pro slash. If your fic/writings are a bit on the raunchy side, please put a warning before hand. Thanks!

FIVE Most importantly, have fun! Post anything you have! Keep checking back to see what's been added!

from your dear mod, roselike